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May 17, 2022


The open market is a beautiful thing for both buyers and sellers. It allows craftsmen to leverage their particular expertise to start a business, and potential customers the freedom to choose which business they think is worth their patronage. The reasons for choosing a vendor can vary. Sometimes customers base it on how clever the advertising is or whether or not they like the proprietor. And there’s nothing wrong with choosing based on either of those. But for those of you looking to pick an electrical control panel manufacturer, we wanted to offer five concrete things you should look for to help you choose wisely.


There’s a reason we’re listing this first — nothing compares to experience. The more experience a vendor has, the higher the likelihood they’ve faced a wider gamut of problems and have therefore had to provide a larger number of solutions.


This goes hand in hand with experience above. The longer the panel shop has been in business, the more adversity they’ve had to weather over the years. Their grit and determination to succeed can often serve you well as you know their product/service is a proven commodity.

Financial Stability

Consider this the third piece to the first two above. Has the panel shop just started up in the last year? Or are they well established within the industry? Answering either of those questions will give you insight into their financial stability and give you assurance that their relationships with other vendors can help them deliver what they promise.

Flexibility in sourcing parts

With the continued supply chain issues facing the nation, this has become more important recently. Can the panel manufacturer get the right parts within the timeframe promised? Or will your project be left hanging by an ineffective supply chain?

UL certifications

There are industry standards electrical control panel manufacturers are required to meet. If the shop you’re considering doesn’t possess the necessary requirements, stay far, far away. The knowledge base represented by passing the latest UL certifications shows a vendor is the real deal.

Equipped with this list of five “must haves” in identifying your control panel manufacturer, your next step is to start the search. Being the helpful people we are, we’re going to do our best to shorten that for you as well. The answer is found in one acronym: UCEC. We’ll quickly run through the list again and provide you our own credentials as proof points.


We’ve been in business for 64 years. In that time, our knowledge and skill have both grown proportionally into what can now be considered genuine expertise. There isn’t a situation we haven’t encountered or a problem we haven’t solved. Reputable companies recognize there’s noise and that less experienced shops will try to attract business with shiny objects because it’s cheaper. And it is, until it isn’t. Once a problem arises like didn’t buy all parts and there’s a warranty issue. Need to find out who did what versus controlling the whole process.


For some shops, the pandemic might have been their first real bout with adversity. But UCEC started in 1958. That means we’ve survived the Cuban missile crisis, energy crisis, swine flu, the great recession and everything in between. Hardships that might’ve caused other shops to fold, we conquered.

Financial Stability

As we said earlier, this component is borne out of our expertise and longevity. With our financial stability comes relationships with vendors that allow us to deliver our products according to timelines we verify with you in advance.

Flexibility in sourcing parts

While one of our competitive advantages used to be getting things done faster than everyone else because we sourced parts better than everyone else, now it’s more of a level playing field since everyone’s waiting on the same parts. That’s why we’ll always tell you upfront the best we can do with what’s available.

UL certifications

We passed the new UL certification more than a year ago while some of our competitors recently just passed or are still trying to. That’s important because if you’re a UL shop, you’re required to be certified by a certain date. Perhaps even more impressive is our UL listing. In all our time of having the license, we’ve never been cited for a variation where one our panels isn’t in compliance.



 Network Infrastructure Featured Product Spotlight

PB 10 Panduit 400This webinar presented by Beth Lessard and Keith Cordero will be highlighting three Panduit solutions that will optimize network equipment and cabling to ensure that your spaces are efficiently and properly managed to support ever-evolving business needs of today and beyond. Products that will be featured include PanZone TrueEdge Wall Mount Enclsoure, Cable Managers, and Adjustable Depth 4-Post Rack.







Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


The new contactors are rated 160A, 195A and 230A three-phase for motor control applications, and 250A, 275A and 350A in AC-1 category. They are available in both 3 and 4 pole versions.

They replace contactor codes 11B…, of similar ratings which have demonstrated their reliability and robustness over the years. The new size is more compact and efficient, in response to market demand.

Designed with special attention to the dimensions, the 3-pole contactors are just 105mm wide, like the equivalently rated moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB), so the starters are more compact and easier to be connected.

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Products for Panel Builders

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Pfannenberg’s new BR50 Stacklight™ / Tower Lights are designed for the modern manufacturing ...
The K100 Pro series of programmable, multicolor beacons provide bright illumination and status ...
Indoor wall-mount electronic enclosures from METCASE are now available in custom lengths, widths ...
Introducing the Type 4X stainless steel splitter box from Hammond Manufacturing. These splitter ...
Recently, Emerson announced the release of its new Clean In Place (CIP) Utilities and Automated ...
Siemens is expanding its generator circuit-breaker portfolio with a new compact version - the ...
AutomationDirect has added new LUTZE DRIVEFLEX and MOTIONFLEX variable frequency drive cables which ...
The ix Industrial in-line jack connector enables manufacturers of PROFINET-compliant devices to ...
JW series molded rocke switches from NKK are ideal for any design that requires a high electrical ...
Hammond Manufacturing’s polycarbonate enclosures offer a watertight and outdoor-rated solution for ...

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No industry sector is exempt from the benefits of applying energy efficiency, whether it's individual products or complete solutions. This spans across a very broad spectrum – from replacing bearings that don’t work properly, causing the engine to run poorly and consume more electricity, to complex systems, such as solar panel and photovoltaic power generation systems. Plus, air conditioning, heating, insulation, and any products and solutions that improve energy efficiency from a thermal point of view.

This is where thermal measuring instruments become essential. Thermal imaging cameras and environmental T&M, as a whole, are vital to monitor environmental data.

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Control Panel Solutions to Help You Solve Complicated Problems


With businesses today insisting on accomplishing more for less, understanding the five critical areas of smart control panel design is more important than ever. At Panduit, we have the products and solutions to optimize space, improve productivity, gain protection from harsh elements, enhance safety and security, and enable greater connectivity. Discover innovative ways to build, improve, and maintain control panels.


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Article Feature - Monthly Industry Focus


The Panel Extension PX3 from ABB protects and prevents costly downtime and equipment failure. PX3 features an externally mounted surge solution that can be physically attached to the top or bottom of any panelboard providing a reduced profile surge solution. Moreover, PX3 offers an internal disconnect option, allowing safer and easier repairs without having to cut power to the distribution panel.




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Electrify Your Enterprise

PBUS-ElectrifyYourEnterprise-200.jpgPower is vital to production, and well-designed control cabinets are key. Allied Electronics & Automation offers a comprehensive collection of control cabinet solutions including PLCs, HMIs, contactors, miniature circuit breakers, terminal block connectors, DIN-rail power supplies, pushbutton switches, motor starters, overloads, power relays, industrial Ethernet switches and AC drives engineered to keep your operations running safely, reliably and efficiently.

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News for Panel Builders

News for Panel Builders
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In late May of 2022, Powerside and G&W Electric, two manufacturing providers of ...
nVent Electric plc  recently previewed its upcoming digital manufacturing software portfolio ...
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation recently announced that it will launch "Automating the World" ...
Since November 16th, in addition to updated data EPLAN are very pleased to announce a new addition ...
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Building industrial control panels (ICPs) for the global market presents several challenges. For ...
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Featured Product News


Littelfuse, Inc. has recently announced their new SMTOAK2 TVS Diode Series. Many of today’s high-power, high-surge-rating TVS diodes are only available in axial leaded packages. The compact, 2 kA 8/20 μs rated, surface-mount package SMTOAK2 TVS Diode Series allows electronics designers to achieve a more robust transient voltage, overvoltage protection, and lightning protection system while using less printed circuit board (PCB) space.

The SMTOAK2 TVS Diode Series is ideal for high-power-density applications that require robust protection in a small footprint.

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