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Your safety circuit is easy to create on the PC using the PNOZmulti Configurator. The configuration tool supports you with the project design, configuration, documentation and commissioning of Pilz controllers. On the graphics-based, Windows-compliant user interface all elements are available for your safety circuit as icons or in selection menus.




Users of Schmersal’s new online product catalogue now have the option to contact specialists in the technology customer service team in real time for individual consultation and advice. Anyone visiting the website can open a live chat window in the side toolbar and chat with an experienced sales professional at Schmersal. The live chat feature is a convenient and fast way for users to seek product information and ask questions about use and logistics handling.




Since April 15th, in addition to updated data EPLAN are very pleased to announce new partners for their data portal.




The Weidmuller Configurator is a software solution for selecting, configuring, and ordering terminal rails and terminal rail components from the Weidmuller range. The tool supports continuous engineering workflows, from planning with E-CAD systems through to documentation.

Introducint the 400 i VDE Hex by Wera, an insulated, individually tested VDE torque indicator for safe working up to 1,000V with a T-handle which is ideal for transferring controlled tightening torque and high loosening torque. This tool allows for error-free screwdriving due to a non-slip friction clutch and exact torque transmission, with a distinctly audible and noticeable excess-load signal when the pre-set torque is reached and is tamper-proof against an accidental changing of it's set torque value.




Introducing the RS Pro by Allied Electronics & Automation, an insulated, standard VDE screwdriver suitable for safe working on live equipment at up to 1000Vac. The RS Pro line are ergonomically handled screwdrivers with shafts that are hardened & blackened chrome-vanadium steel.




Wiring a control cabinet requires a lot of time and expertise. Up to 43% of the time working on panel building is spent on wiring, depending on the specific application. Control technology often answers questions about the ideal routing of the wires by using the schematics, the basis for the cabinet’s wiring.




Wera torque tools permit torque-controlled tightening to prevent damage to screws or work pieces and to guarantee the safety of screw connection. This makes labor-intensive drilling, re-tapping and production downtimes a thing of the past.




Introducing the RS Pro 88 piece electricians tool kit, an extensive kit offering various tools to carry out a range of tasks for the serious DIY enthusiast or professional user. The RS PRO 88 piece electricians tool kit is designed for professional engineers who work on or around electrically live circuits. This versatile tool kit has VDE certified screwdrivers and pliers, individually tested for use up to 1000 V ac.




In a classic panel building project 72 % of the working time in installation is required for mechanical assembly and wiring. What if you could achieve a 10 % increase in efficiency through standardisation? This is possible with the Weidmüller panel building tool chest, which was specially developed according to 5S and lean principles. With the tool chest, tools and working materials can be organised optimally for quick and efficient access at any time. It combines the best quality with intelligent features. That saves time and reduces costs.