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OKW: Pioneering FLAT-PACK CASE Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Brand: okw enclosures
Industry Focus: Building Controls, Data, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical
Product Type: enclosures

OKW is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its award-winning FLAT-PACK CASE – the world’s first standard plastic enclosure for electronic and electrical installations. FLAT-PACK CASE is perfect for a wide range of desktop and wall-mount electronics. Applications include medical and wellness, measurement and control, laboratory equipment and computer peripherals. Over the last half-century, FLAT-PACK CASE has become the enclosure for thousands of different devices.

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Pressure Compensation

OKW: New Pressure Compensation Glands – Cable Glands Range Updated

Brand: okw enclosures
Industry Focus: Automotive, Data, General Manufactuing, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: connectors/cables/terminal blocks

New PRESSURE COMPENSATION cable glands from OKW protect electronics from condensation in sealed enclosures. OKW has also added black (RAL 9005) as a standard color to many other cable glands and grommets in the range. OKW’s universal cable glands and grommets are ideal for all kinds of applications. They can be custom pre-fitted to newly specified OKW enclosures or retrofitted to customers’ existing equipment.

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Interplex: Stackable Multi-Row Board-to-Board Connector Products Offer Flexibility

Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufactuing, Healthcare, Industrial, Transportation
Product Type: connectors/cables/terminal blocks

Automotive- and industrial-grade board-to-board conenctor offers a reliable, repeatable and versatile solution that can be scaled up in line with specific customer requirements.

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NKK: High In-rush Rocker Switch

Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial, Transportation
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

JW series molded rocke switches from NKK are ideal for any design that requires a high electrical capacity rocker for its human interface operations while in harsh environments.

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IDEC: Low-profile Touchless Switches

Brand: idec
Industry Focus: Building Controls, Food & Beverage, General Manufactuing, Healthcare, Industrial, Transportation
Product Type: switches/indicators/relays/solenoids

LED illumination and long-life operation make the CW Series low-profile touchless switches ideal for industrial and public applications.

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Littelfuse: High-Surge-Rating SMD TVS Diodes 50% Smaller Than Other Surface-Mounted Solutions

Brand: Littelfuse
Industry Focus: Data, Healthcare, Industrial, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Circuit Protection

Littelfuse, Inc. has recently announced their new SMTOAK2 TVS Diode Series. Many of today’s high-power, high-surge-rating TVS diodes are only available in axial leaded packages. The compact, 2 kA 8/20 μs rated, surface-mount package SMTOAK2 TVS Diode Series allows electronics designers to achieve a more robust transient voltage, overvoltage protection, and lightning protection system while using less printed circuit board (PCB) space.      

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OKW: Smart MINI-DATA-BOX for Miniaturize Devices

Brand: OKW Enclosures
Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Enclosures, Sensors

OKW’s smart MINI-DATA-BOX is designed to protect miniaturized go-anywhere electronic devices.

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C&K: KSC4 Tireless Endurance Miniature Tactile Switch

Brand: C&K
Industry Focus: Building Controls, Data, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

C&K has recently enhanced the miniature KSC Tireless Endurance (TE) tactile switch series to include a 5.2 mm height version that offers longer travel.       

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FDB Panel Fittings: Standard Lengths of Quarter Turn Lock Housings

Industry Focus: Building Controls, Data, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Enclosures

FDB enables customers to simply select the components required to create the lock configuration of their choice.

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OMRON: Subminiature Bent Leaf Lever Switches for Wet and Dusty Application

Brand: Omron
Industry Focus: Automotive, Building Controls, Data, Healthcare
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

OMRON has announced new fully sealed, miniature micro switches with a bent lever providing higher operating force and releasing force than straight hinges. The new variants extend the range of compact and flexible solutions for applications exposed to water spray or high levels of dust.

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Seifert Systems: Filter Fans For Enclosures

Industry Focus: Building Controls, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Thermal Management

Seifert Systems introduces the 4000 Series filter fans that includes 70 UL listed filter fan models designed for enclosure applications.

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Emerson: Micro Motion 1600 Coriolis Transmitter

Brand: Emerson
Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical
Product Type: Test and Measurement

Emerson has recently introduced its first Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Coriolis flow measurement device for the food and beverage, life sciences and chemical industries. The Micro Motion 1600 Coriolis Transmitter is designed to be a scalable solution for facilities wanting to make a gradual transition to remote flow data collection, monitoring and configuration.      

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