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This webinar presented by Beth Lessard and Keith Cordero will be highlighting three Panduit solutions that will optimize network equipment and cabling to ensure that your spaces are efficiently and properly managed to support ever-evolving business needs of today and beyond. Products that will be featured include PanZone TrueEdge Wall Mount Enclsoure, Cable Managers, and Adjustable Depth 4-Post Rack.


Editor’s Pick: Featured Product News

AutomationDirect: DURApulse GS10 Micro AC Drives


AutomationDirect has added the DURApulse GS10 series as their newest and most affordable line of micro AC drives. GS10 drives are available in a variety of voltage and horsepower ratings, including single-phase 120VAC models in sizes from ¼ to 1 hp, single-phase 230VAC models from ¼ to 3hp, three-phase 230VAC models from ¼ to 7.5 hp, and 460VAC three-phase units from ½ to 10 hp.

Even with the low price, these drives offer advanced features such as sensorless vector control, PID control, multiple motor support for induction motors, as well as the ability to control permanent magnet motors.

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Explore the Benefits of Industrial Control Panel Certification

The growth of industrial machinery and automation is driving a growing need for industrial control panels (ICPs) globally. The UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Shop Program is part of UL’s General Coverage Program, which offers control panel manufacturers flexibility in applying UL Certification Marks to a wide range of industrial control panel designs. Our Industrial Control Panel Program covers multiple requirements like proper component usage, enclosure environmental ratings, wiring and motor protection, safety markings, and conformance to the National Electric Code® (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

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Products for Panel Builders

  • Rockwell Automation: Improved Micro800 Controllers and Design Software

    Rockwell Automation: Improved Micro800 Controllers and Design Software

    Machine builders can save engineering time and costs with the enhanced Allen-Bradley Micro850 and Micro870 2080-Lx0E controllers using the latest Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation. The improved 2080-Lx0E controllers offer greater connectivity and design efficiency through the new Class 1 implicit messaging capability with up to eight EtherNet/IP devices support.




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  • HMS Networks: Ewon Cosy+ Wireless – The New Standard for Wireless Remote Access to Industrial Machines

    HMS Networks: Ewon Cosy+ Wireless – The New Standard for Wireless Remote Access to Industrial Machines

    With the new Cosy+ Wireless, HMS Networks finalizes the release of the new generation of Ewon industrial remote access gateways, bringing IIoT connectivity and cybersecurity to the next level. Featuring built-in hardware security, the Cosy+ range allows users to access PLC-based machines securely from anywhere, and do commissioning, troubleshooting and programming online.




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Editor’s Pick: Featured Article

TRU-Vu: 75” Video Displays for Manufacturing & Processing Plants

The new SXN-75 high-brightness water-resistant 75” LCD monitor is the ideal solution for industrial facilities. It will enable you to provide safety information, scheduling, goals, yields, production data and other relevant information to personnel anywhere in the plant.

The SXN-75 is designed to withstand the many challenges of a factory floor environment. The rugged water-resistant and corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure is rated IP54. It withstands dripping, splashing or sprayed water and other liquids. It is also maintenance-free; no need to ever clean or replace vents, fans or filters.

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Control Panel Solutions to Help You Solve Complicated Problems

With businesses today insisting on accomplishing more for less, understanding the five critical areas of smart control panel design is more important than ever. At Panduit, we have the products and solutions to optimize space, improve productivity, gain protection from harsh elements, enhance safety and security, and enable greater connectivity. Discover innovative ways to build, improve, and maintain control panels.

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Featured Articles

  • NOARK Electric – Delivering High Quality Low-Voltage Components for More Than 10 Years

    NOARK Electric – Delivering High Quality Low-Voltage Components for More Than 10 Years

    Manufacturers today are focused more than ever on finding reliable sources of high quality products in our suddenly fractured global supply chains. NOARK Electric is focused on ensuring that its customers continue to receive high quality products, delivered on-time, and with reasonable production lead-times. Read More…

  • An Introduction to UL 489 Current-Limiting Miniature Circuit Breakers and Their Trip Curves

    An Introduction to UL 489 Current-Limiting Miniature Circuit Breakers and Their Trip Curves

    In this Allied Expert Advice article, ABB expert Thomas Weinmann introduces you to modern current-limiting miniature circuit breaker (MCB) designs and several different trip curve and functionality characteristics to help you choose the MCB best suited for your unique application demands. Current-limiting miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) are UL 489 branch circuit protection devices used along with UL 1077 supplementary protectors to safeguard electrical installations in industrial applications against overloads and short circuits. Read More…

Article Feature – Monthly Industry Focus

Mouser: Mezalok High-Speed Low-Force XMC Connectors From TE Connectivity


Mouser Electronics, Inc. now stocks Mezalok High-Speed Low-Force (HSLF) XMC connectors from TE Connectivity. Designed specifically for mezzanine applications, the Mezalok HSLF XMC connectors meet qualification requirements of legacy Mezalok high-speed connectors, with significantly reduced mating and unmating force.

TE’s Mezalok HSLF XMC connectors, available from Mouser Electronics, are capable of data rates up to 32 Gbps, offering improved signal processing for embedded computing interconnects in mezzanine applications. The connectors feature a reduction in required mating and unmating force—by 32% and 47%, respectively—and meet robust standards listed in VITA 47 and VITA 72.

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News for Panel Builders

  • Kathleen Edge to Retire From Southwire at Year-End

    Kathleen Edge to Retire From Southwire at Year-End

    After more than thirty years of leadership in manufacturing and nearly a decade with the company, Kathleen Edge, Southwire’s Executive Vice President of Operations, will retire from Southwire at the end of 2022. Kathleen joined Southwire in 2013 and, in her current role, leads the company’s wire and cable operations including Southwire’s single largest strategic initiative, modernization. Read More…

  • EPLAN Data Portal Update 3 November 2022

    EPLAN Data Portal Update 3 November 2022

    Since November 30th, in addition to updated data EPLAN are very pleased to announce the new addition of DEOS Aktiengesellschaft, with 52 new data sets with PLC. Read More…

Featured Product News

Panduit: SmartZone Lithium Ion UPS


Panduit Corp. has added to its SmartZone offerings with the release of the SmartZone Lithium Ion UPS, a highly efficient and reliable UPS that provides protection and backup power to meet the continually growing power demands of Data Center, Enterprise, and Edge IT equipment.

The Lithium Ion UPS boasts excellent electrical performance, enhanced intelligent monitoring and network functions while complying with EMC and safety standards. Compared to a standard VRLA battery, the SmartZone Lithium Ion battery features five times the energy density while occupying one-third the space. Its lifespan is up to three times longer and charges considerably faster than the VRLA.

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