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Emerson: TopWorx DVR Switchbox – Compact Valve Position Indicator Engineered for Quick and Easy Commissioning

Brand: emerson
Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Industrial, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: enclosures, sensors

Recently, Emerson announced its new TopWorx DVR Switchbox, an entry-level addition to the DV Series of valve position indicators. It combines a durable resin enclosure, compact size and a patented cam design that provides water and wastewater systems, food and beverage production lines and industrial utilities a reliable valve position feedback tool. The TopWorx DVR Switchbox uses a low-profile indication to provide easy-to-read local position feedback.

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RS Offers Solutions Engineered to Modernize and Safeguard Energy and Utilities Applications

Brand: rs components
Industry Focus: Industrial, Oil & Gas, Power Distribution & Energy, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: displays/hmi, power supplies, sensors

RS is a trusted partner for navigating the complexities of the energy and utilities industry and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address the industry’s modernization and safety challenges. The energy and utilities industry is comprised of two main sectors: the energy sector, which includes processes related to the exploration, extraction, production, transportation, and distribution of oil and gas products made from hydrocarbon reserves, and the utilities sector, which encompasses the operation and management of utilities including power, water, natural gas, and wastewater.

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Eaton: Crouse-Hinds Type 4X Free Standing and Wall Mount Panel Enclosures

Brand: eaton
Industry Focus: Industrial, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: enclosures

Crouse-Hinds series Type 4X Free-Standing and Wall Mount Panel Enclosures protect against corrosion, circulating and windblown dust, falling dirt, dripping non-corrosive liquids, rain, splashing water and hose directed water.  These NEMA industrial enclosures are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, each with various configurations for a multitude of applications.

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Hammond Manufacturing: PCJ Series Type 4X Polycarbonate Junction Box (Solid and Clear Cover)

Industry Focus:
Product Type:

Introducing the PCJ series Type 4X polycarbonate junction box with both solid and clear non-metallic latch covers, designed to insulate and protect controls and components in both indoor and outdoor conditions. These enclosures are ideal for industrial pump controls, waste water, and irrigation control along with solar/wind power and chemical plants.

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Siemens: GM-SG Switchgear Portfolio Reach Expanded

Brand: siemens
Industry Focus: Data, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: switches/indicators/relays/solenoids

Siemens has expanded the type GM-SG and GM-SG-AR family of metal-clad, medium-voltage switchgear to include applications operating at 27 kilovolts, up to 3,000 A and 40 kiloamps. With this addition, the portfolio of innovative air-insulated power distribution solutions now covers the full range of voltages prevalent in the modern distribution grid.

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Rockwell Automation: ArcShield Technology for CENTERLINE 2100 Motor Control Centers

Brand: rockwell automation
Industry Focus: Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Distribution & Energy, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: circuit protection

To help increase workforce safety and mitigate arc flash damage, Rockwell Automation developed ArcShield technology for CENTERLINE motor control centers (MCCs). And now, this arc flash safety technology has been expanded for Canadian manufacturers with high-amp applications typical in the oil, gas, mining, water treatment and power generation industries.

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Hammond Manufacturing: HYJ Series Hygienic Type 4X Stainless Steel Junction Box

Brand: hammond manufacturing
Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: enclosures

Introducing the HYJ series hygienic type 4X stainless steel junction box from Hammond Manufacturing, which is designed to enclose electrical and/or electronic equipment and protect against harsh, hygienic environments for junction box and wallmount applications. The junction box is sloped on 4 sides prevent water from resting on top regardless of enclosure orientation, with hex head design screws and door-edge mounted silicone gasket to allow for easy cleaning in hose-down environments.

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WAGO: 207 Series Gelbox Connectors for Moisture Protection

Brand: wago
Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Power Distribution & Energy, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: connectors/cables/terminal blocks

When moisture meets electricity, a short circuit can happen quickly. Encapsulation is a proven solution. But now reliable moisture protection for splicing connectors can be achieved even more quickly and easily with the WAGO Gelbox. It is ready for immediate use in a wide range of low- and extra-low voltage applications.

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Will Industrial HMIs go touchless?

Industry Focus: Building Controls, Data, Food & Beverage, General Manufactuing, Healthcare, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: displays/hmi

July 17, 2023 Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are a cru

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AutomationDirect: More Control and IO-Link Cable Options

Brand: automationdirect
Industry Focus: Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: connectors/cables/terminal blocks

AutomationDirect has added LUTZE SUPERFLEX control cable that is well suited for short to medium length articulated drag chain (C-tracks) installations requiring moderate to high performance. The High Glide TPE insulation and PVC outer jacket provides resistance to sunlight, oil, and moisture penetration, and makes this cable suitable for indoor wet and dry applications or outdoor installations. Cables are available with conductors in 21 AWG to 12 AWG sizes, with up to 34 conductors including ground, and is made in the USA.

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Iboco: I-Flex Liquid –Tight Connectors

Industry Focus: Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: connectors/cables/terminal blocks

Discover IBOCO’s full line of I-Flex Liquid–Tight Connectors, which are available in both light Grey or Black. Their non-metallic liquid tight connectors are used in completion of their I-Flex Liquid–Tight PVC electrical tubing. IBOCO’s straight and right angle (90º) liquid-tight non-metallic connectors are designed to fit with the company’s line of flexible liquid-tight PVC tubing in order to ensure leak-proof integrity on motors, processing equipment, pumps, etc.

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Weidmuller Launches Extended Lines for TB Enclosures & NPT Cable Glands

Brand: weidmuller
Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Distribution & Energy, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: connectors/cables/terminal blocks, enclosures

Weidmuller USA has recently announced a significant expansion to the company’s family of Klippon TB stainless steel enclosures and also introduces a robust new line of NPT cable glands and accessories for North American (USA) customers. Weidmuller Assembly Services provides value added services that combine the company’s Klippon TB enclosures, along with cable glands, conduit hubs and other fittings, and Weidmuller connectivity products such as terminals, relays, surge suppression modules, power supplies, u-remote and other components in pre-populated enclosures, ready-to-wire for general industrial as well as hazardous location applications.

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