Webinars for Panel Builders

Modularity, Flexibility, and Scalability: How Enclosures Are Changing Industrial Automation

Brought to you by Rittal

While there is a time and place for a unibody enclosure, today’s rapidly evolving industrial automation systems often require the additional flexibility that a modular enclosure system affords. In this webinar, you’ll learn:
● How to leverage bayable enclosures and a range of available mounting options to maximize your space
● How going modular can save you time and money in areas you wouldn’t expect
● Why frame style is so important
● The truth behind common misconceptions about modular enclosures

Watch the Webinar Recording HERE (live evet date – Sept 22, 2021)


 How to Engineer Energy-Efficient Automation

Brought to you By Rittal & EPLAN

In this webinar, experts from Rittal and EPLAN will offer an in-depth look at how they find opportunities for energy efficiency at each stage:
● Design and engineering
● Sourcing
● Manufacturing
● Operations

Rittal’s Service team will then reveal how they help customers reduce energy usage through their cooling system efficiency analysis, which involves cataloging a company’s existing cooling units, assessing their performance, and developing proactive plans for becoming more energy-efficient over time.

Watch the Webinar Recording HERE (Live event date – June 9, 2021)