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Hammond Manufacturing: Type 12 Mild Steel Miniature Pushbutton Enclosures, MPB Series

Brand: hammond manufacturing
Industry Focus: Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Mining, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: enclosures

Introducing the new Type 12 mild steel miniature pushbutton enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing, designed to accept 22mm miniature oil tight pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights, and provide protection for them from dirt, dust, oil and water.

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ROLEC: New aluDOOR Industrial Electronic Enclosures

Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufactuing, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Transportation, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: enclosures

New aluDOOR (IP 66, IP 67, IP 69K) has built on ROLEC’s previous design successes and taken diecast aluminum industrial enclosures to the next level. At the heart of this evolution are important design details that stand out as crucial differentiators. Like ROLEC’s other diecast aluminum enclosures, aluDOOR is designed to go anywhere – on walls, machines, bulkheads – to suit a broad spectrum of industrial electronics applications.      

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AutomationDirect: Additional Direct Wire Large Gauge MTW Cable Color Options

Brand: AutomationDirect
Industry Focus: Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Connctors/Cables/Terminal Blocks

AutomationDirect has added more color choices for Direct Wire 1kV ALL-FLEX MTW/THHW heavy-duty flexible power cable. This extremely flexible large gauge (8AWG to 500MCM) single-conductor industrial cable is ideal for industrial control panel distribution, VFD power feeds, servo systems, and non-traditional industrial applications including uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and transformer wiring, battery chargers, and marine board applications.      

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Novotechnik: Compact Touchless Linear Position Sensors

Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Mining, Transportation
Product Type: Sensors

The TFD Series of touchless linear position sensors from Novotechnik provides wear-free operation in tight spaces.

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SCHURTER: 6080 Connector with V-Lock Power Cords Rated IP54 Under Load

Brand: Schurter
Industry Focus: Data, Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial, Marine/Offshore
Product Type: Connctors/Cables/Terminal Blocks, Power Supplies

SCHURTER announces the IEC C14 Connector series 6080 with mating C13 V-Lock power cords for protection against dust and water ingress.

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Mencom: IP69 Rated Circular Connectors

Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Pharmaceutical, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: connectors/cables/terminal blocks

Recently, Mencom was very pleased to announce that most of their circular connector product lines are now IP69 rated. The products include cordsets, receptacles and accessories for MIN size I, II and III (Brad Mini-Change Connectors), MDC (M12 with A-code), MEC (M12 with B-code), MAC (1/2”-20 with C-code), Ethernet (M12 with D-code), and Network Bus series.      

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ROLEC: New IP 67 Diecast Enclosures For Modern Industrial Electronics

Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Transportation
Product Type: Enclosures

ROLEC’s new aluDOOR hinged-lid enclosures are ideal for industrial electronics used in challenging environments. Applications will include factory automation, sensors and detection, ship technology, railway systems, machine control, robotics and flow metering. Tough but elegant aluDOOR is a go-anywhere aluminum enclosure which can be mounted on walls, bulkheads, machines and workstations.      

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Weidmüller u-remote Meets the Requirements of the Largest Classification Societies for Use in Maritime and Offshore Applications

Brand: Weidmuller
Industry Focus: Marine/Offshore
Product Type: Control Software

Modern ship technology is inconceivable without automation systems. In many cases, the requirements are similar to those in the industry: recording, evaluating and monitoring a constantly growing number of signals; then converting the results into control commands within a defined time. On a ship, automation faces additional, very specific requirements: Space is usually even more limited than on land.      

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Pepperl+Fuchs: F31K2 Dual Inductive Sensor

Brand: Pepperl+Fuchs
Industry Focus: Marine/Offshore, Mining, Oil & Gas
Product Type: Sensors

In the process industry, powerful sensors are needed to monitor the correct position of valves. Some outdoor applications, such as seawater desalination plants, oil rigs or phosphate mines, place special demands on the sensor technology used. With a particularly tight and corrosion-free housing, the F31K2 dual inductive sensor is the ideal solution for valve position feedback under such extreme conditions.      

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ABB: Ty-Rap Tygenic Antimicrobial Detectable Cable Ties

Brand: ABB
Industry Focus: Building Controls, General Manufacturing, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Transportation
Product Type: Tools for Panel Builders

The cost of contamination can add up, averaging between $10-30 million in direct costs of a recall, plus lost sales, customer confidence and more. In facilities where bacteria reduction and detectability are critical, a standard cable tie may go unidentified in product and its notched design can be a home for microorganisms. ABB has expanded its line of Ty-Rap cable ties with Ty-Rap TyGenic cable ties, the industry’s first two-piece antimicrobial and detectable cable tie.      

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Mouser: Mezalok High-Speed Low-Force XMC Connectors From TE Connectivity

Brand: Mouser
Industry Focus: Marine/Offshore, Transportation
Product Type: Connctors/Cables/Terminal Blocks

Mouser Electronics, Inc. now stocks Mezalok High-Speed Low-Force (HSLF) XMC connectors from TE Connectivity. Designed specifically for mezzanine applications, the Mezalok HSLF XMC connectors meet qualification requirements of legacy Mezalok high-speed connectors, with significantly reduced mating and unmating force. TE’s Mezalok HSLF XMC connectors are capable of data rates up to 32 Gbps.      

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STI: Tough Cover Protects Against Vandalism of LED Displays

Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Displays/HMI, Enclosures

STI announces the new vacuum formed LED Display Cover that can take hard knocks in stride while offering physical protection to LED displays and more.

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