Major U.S. Banking Institution Streamlines Data Integration at Their National Operations Center Using Tridium Vykon

March 18, 2021

Mid-Atlantic Controls Corporation (MACC) installs, services, and repairs control systems for a range of applications and clients, including building automation for national operations centers (NOC).


  •    –   Client: Major U.S. Banking Institution
  •    –   Application: Building Automation System
  •    –   Challenge: Sensitive working conditions, including restricted access to client facility
  •    –   Solution: Meticulous off-site preparation
  •    –   Results:
    •       –   Successful installation of:
    •       –   Tridium Vykon building automation system
    •       –   Unification of data from facilities across the country
    •       –   Project completed within tight timelines
    •       –   Smooth transition from old equipment to new


The Challenge

Managing NOC complexities

When a major national bank needed centralized monitoring capability for their building automation portfolio, they turned to the experts at MACC. Leveraging their in-depth knowledge of the Niagara Framework, MACC presented Tridium Vykon as the solution that would meet the client’s needs.

Impressed with the system’s capabilities, the bank awarded the work to MACC.

The complex project involved unifying multiple data formats from buildings across the country. And the job came with a unique challenge—security restrictions meant that most of MACC’s work had to be carried out off-site.

Because of the sensitive nature of banking information, MACC had limited access to physical locations to ensure data security. The typical window for MACC to complete their work on-site was very brief.

Committed to partnering with the client to manage risk, MACC adjusted their methods to fit the required protocols, including IT security restrictions and specialized work procedures. Because they had a limited opportunity to complete the entire National Operations Center (NOC) building upgrade, MACC focused on creating a thorough project plan.

Planning Implementation Up-Front

Minimizing interruption while maximizing results

Because the customer was part of the banking industry, their national operations center had strict data security protocols. As required, MACC engaged in client-specific training to undertake the work.

Project success depended on integrating controls data from the NOC and other facilities spread across the country. MACC carried out much of the job with minimal access to physical locations. During on-site visits, which took place outside regular banking hours, they took meticulous details of the equipment to create their design off-site.

Months of planning came down to a 24-hour window for complete system implementation. Ready with their detailed plan and the client’s full confidence, MACC worked through the night to complete the Tridium Vykon installation.

Results & Successes

Streamlined control at the national level

With Tridium Vykon, the client successfully gained control of their national portfolio. MACC’s solution gathered and unified building automation data in dozens of formats. And the system allowed the bank to respond quickly to alarms and effectively coordinate local teams throughout the United States.

Installed at the NOC:

  •    –   Tridium Vykon building automation system

Building on their initial success, the bank expanded its scope of work, retaining MACC to support their NOC facility. As a trusted contractor MACC is now poised to expand its involvement with other parts of the client’s business in the future.



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