ATI Now Offers Text Messaging For Their 1-800 Numbers


March 16, 2021

Text Messaging has grown to become a one of the most widespread and common forms of communication used in the business world today. It’s something all of us use, every day, from confirming doctor’s appointments to communicating with friends and loved ones; this quick convenient manner of communicating allows us to manage many aspects of our lives in an expedient fashion. That’s ATI have tailored it to into their sales process, allowing them to respond to customers in fast and personalized manners. Whether you’re seeking a quote or have general questions about one of ATI’s products, you won’t have to wait on a lengthy hold or twiddle your thumbs listening to a prerecorded audio message. These are many of the reasons why the Portable Power Experts at ATI Electrical Supply have text-enabled their 1-800 number, allowing their customers to send us text messages, photos, or pdfs to their toll-free number at 1-800-597-9311.

The Value of Text-Enabling our 1-800 Numbers

ATI is continually working to provide their customers with the most convenient shopping experience, thus constantly adapting and facilitating more ways for our customers to get in contact with their sales team conveniently and effortlessly. If ATI’s 1-800 line is occupied when you need to contact them instantly, simply send them a quick text message and one of their experts will generally respond to these messages within one hour. They understand how it can be extremely frustrating when you need something, and your inside contact is not picking up the phone or responding to emails, therefore ATI encourage their customers to take advantage of this opportunity in order to receive expedient service with the same quality. They’re working to help you.

Every one of them are occupied with many tasks and are too busy to sacrifice any time waiting on hold with a sales representative or automated message. ATI is practically eliminating all these redundant and frustrating steps from their sales process. While they’re still offering this option to call and speak with one of our sales representatives, ATI are also trying to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. For example, If you are extremely busy, or stuck in a meeting but you need to order something such as cam-lock connectors, simply snap a photo of the connectors and send it to them at 1-800-597-9311. They will respond in a punctual timeframe and get the connectors you need ordered and sent to you as soon as possible.


If you are a business owner using a toll free 1-800 number to reach your target customers, it could be a great idea to incorporate a text-enabled 1-800 number into your regiment. From a business perspective, text-enabled capabilities allow ATI to communicate with you simply, even without being directly contacted. They’re reassured that their customers are satisfied because of the ability to check in on them and ensure they received the portable products they needed in a timely fashion without being too intrusive. ATI can stay in touch with their customers with a simple text message. Requests they receive through text messages are extremely beneficial because it allows ATI to keep a written record of exactly what the customer orders – and prevents the sales representative from making a mistake when writing down what the customer needs.

Stay In Touch

ATI Electrical Supply is the most complete portable power supplier on the web with great connections. From their expedient text messaging system to their detailed website, they make your convenience their top priority. Additionally, If there are products that you need but don’t see them on ATI’s site, call or text them at 1-800-597-9311. If you need it, they can get it. ATI’s staff’s assistance is right at the tip of your fingertips with just the push of a button – Send. You can contact them with any questions or concerns without hesitation. ATI is committed to providing their customers with exceptional service. Watch the video above about their new text-enabled 1-800 number.



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