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PBUS-45-UL-ChallengesWebinar-400.jpgNovember 8, 2022

When: November 16, 2022 - 10:00am CST to 11:00am CST

Where: Online

Building industrial control panels (ICPs) for the global market presents several challenges. For example, manufacturers may have questions about interpreting and applying the guidelines and standards for specific markets, such as North America, or relating to the North American standards, e.g., UL 508A, Standard for Industrial Control Panels, and CSA C22.2 No. 286-17, Industrial Control Panels and Assemblies.

With the ever-increasing pressure to expedite project times and cut costs, developing an awareness of common challenges of building ICPs can help manufacturers avoid incurring extra costs and work that may significantly impact their project’s success.

In this upcoming webinar, UL Solutions expert John Kovacik will discuss some of the most common challenges of building ICPs. He will answer frequently asked questions from panel builders and provide useful information on how to overcome them, based on UL Solutions’ many years of experience in ICP testing and certification.

In this webinar, UL Solutions will cover the following:

  •    -   Selecting and applying the appropriate standard.
  •    -   Selecting and dimensioning components.
  •    -   Circuit protection.
  •    -   Enclosures
  •    -   Power supplies.
  •    -   Nameplates, circuit diagrams and warnings.
  •    -   Traceability of components and wiring.
  •    -   Frequency drives.
  •    -   Differences between feeder and branch circuits.
  •    -   Short-circuit current rating.


John Kovacik


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