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Advantech Launches New Modular TPC Computing Box Series


January 12, 2022

Advantech introduces TPC-B610 series as a new member of its modular TPC computing box series. TPC-B610 series is an industrial touch panel PC system with a 10th Gen. Intel processor socket in a fanless design coupled with 6 x USB ports and featuring multiple expansions via 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x4, and 2 x M.2 (NVMe, SATA, 5G) for ultimate data and image processing requirements. With its special modular design, TPC-B610 can be paired with various IP66-grade FPM-display panel modules in six different sizes ranging from 15″ to 23.8″ and FHD, P-cap, and resistive touch versions. The state-of-the-art iBMC feature delivers reliable out-of-band device management and TPC-B610 adds TPM 2.0 which ensures system integrity.  TPC-B610 comes in two SKUs versions – one is TPC-B610H-A00A, a clean-cut and simple powerhouse with 10th Gen. Intel processor and one PCIe x16; the other is TPC-B610W-A00A, an ultimate computing system with all expansions. TPC-B610 series shows what a future HMI should be like, putting Industry 4.0 HMI systems at your fingertips.

Flexible modular design with multiple display options

The modular design of TPC-B610 computing box allows it to be paired with six different IP66-grade displays in P-CAP or resistive touch types, and ranging in sizes from 15″, 15.6″, 17″, 18.5″, 21.5″ to 23.8″. Among them 15.6″, 21.5″, and 23.8″, deliver FHD resolution and represent a highly flexible HMI system adapted to every application requirement need. TPM 2.0 secures confidential data by encrypting your hard drive and SSD and comes with Win 11 and RAID 0/1 support as well as Advantech’s new out-of-band management solution – an intelligent board management controller known as an iBMC, which can reduce system downtime via out-of-band management and allows remote power control even when encountering OS failure.

Three applications that will future-proof your Industry 4.0 applications

There are three main applications that will benefit from TPC-B610’s powerful data and image processing performance.

Defect inspection

TPC-B610’s two PCIe slots will benefit industries such as food and beverage, which demand the highest quality control during processing and manufacturing. PoE cameras play a vital role in quality assurance standards and can easily be installed onto TPC-B610 via its side door access. Up to 8 cameras can be used simultaneously, thanks to the two PCIe slots and multi-core processor performance.

Data and image calculation

With PCIe x16, PCIe x4 and the M.2 2280 NVMe slots, electronics manufacturers can fully utilize the industrial grade graphic card (up to 75W) and the M.2 2280 SSD with NVMe to create a premium HMI system with strong image and drawing capabilities facilitated by the precise and fast read/write speeds of the NVMe signal SSDs. When needed, data can also be transmitted via M.2 4G/5G modules, giving real-time data flows both remotely and on the shopfloor.

Face recognition

The internal graphics capabilities mean TPC-B610 can easily identify faces and the appearance of any object or person, even if they wear a surgical mask or the object is constantly moving. This provides great help for pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers, which requires double mechanisms of identification that involves instant face recognition before a panel PC is successfully unlocked and used.

For embedded OS support, TPC-B610 has options for Windows Microsoft 10 LTSC and Advantech Linux. With its inclusion of TPM 2.0, the latest Windows 11 OS is supported upon request. As for applications, Advantech’s VisionNavi provides a machine vision edge solution ready platform suitable for defect inspection. Faceview is a touchless AI facial recognition software, WISE-DeviceOn is a remote device management tool that works with iBMC, and web-based WebAccess/SCADA and WebAccess/HMINavi are feature rich software tools for complete SCADA and HMI architecture deployment, building an Industry 4.0 factory and industrial environment with both on-site and remote control features.

In terms of hardware expansion, for ultimate image processing, by installing NVIDIA GTX-1650 or AMD-E9260, these industrial graphic cards can really boost 3D graphics drawing performance and AI capabilities. Alternatively, for applications that require PoE cameras for visual inspection of production lines, Advantech PCIE-1674 or PCIE-1182, 4-Port/2-Port PCI Express GigE vision frame grabber cards can be employed simultaneously via the two PCIe slots supporting up to 8 PoE cameras. And by applying the wide temperature versions of memory and HDD/SSDs, TPC-B610 will fulfill most of your application demands.

Advantech’s TPC-B610 series is the first industrial touch panel PC that can deliver all these kinds of performance features via its 10th Gen. Intel processor socket and future-proof features for software and hardware expansion. Its 2 x PCIe slots and multiple expansions future-proof your Industry 4.0 applications. This premium touch panel PC solution will be launched in September 2021, please contact your local sales office, or visit the website to find out more.

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