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Cincoze: Industrial Panel PCs Offer Advanced HMI for Smart Manufacturing

December 1, 2022

HMI is the most common application of industrial panel PCs. In addition to visualizing equipment-related data, HMI can also monitor and control machinery equipment, which is helpful for the on-site manager to get an accurate picture of the process status.

The newly launched open frame panel PC is the latest addition to the Cincoze Display Computing – CRYSTAL product line. Whether an industrial panel PC for factory use, a sunlight-readable panel PC for outdoor use, or an open frame panel PC for integration into advanced equipment, customers now have more options for selecting a suitable panel PC for their HMI application according to specific requirements and operating environments.

Patented CDS technology at the Core

The core technology behind Cincoze panel PCs is CDS (Convertible Display System, Pat. M482908), a modular panel PC system consisting of a computer module and display module that enables convenient on-site maintenance and flexibility for future upgrades.

Consider a production line. Typically, the whole panel PC gets replaced if it breaks. When a panel PC with CDS needs maintenance, the easy and convenient plug-and-play design enables the separate replacement of the computer module and display module. Replacing only the faulty part shortens the maintenance downtime and allows the production line to continue to operate with minimal interruption. The modular design of CDS also means that for future performance upgrades or screen replacements, it is possible to directly replace the computer module with a higher performance model or upgrade to a different screen, greatly reducing the cost and time of upgrades.

Three Major Applications for Panel PCs

Cincoze panel PCs support various processors, including Intel® Atom®, Pentium®, and Core™. The panel PCs include a rich selection of native I/O interfaces, including LAN, USB, COM, and DIO, and support additional interfaces through Mini-PCIe and M.2 expansion slots, providing expandable functions and I/O according to application needs. There are three series to choose from. The industrial panel PC (CV+P series) has the widest range of applications, providing a variety of options for screen size (8.4” to 24”), display ratio (4:3, 4:5, 16:9), and touchscreen (Resistive 5-wire touch / PCAP touch), making it the recommended choice for indoor field-side HMI applications in smart manufacturing.

The high-brightness sunlight-readable industrial panel PC (CS+P series) has a high resolution (up to FHD), high brightness display (up to 1,600 nits), in various sizes (8.4” to 24”), with resistive 5-wire touch, making it a great choice for an HMI in outdoor applications such as energy extraction equipment and outdoor charging piles. The latest addition to the lineup is the open frame industrial panel PC (CO+P series) which eliminates the common installation difficulties with other open frame panel PCs, providing a patent pending multi-stage adjustable structure that simplifies on-site installation. No matter whether using a fully flat or standard mount, it can be perfectly fitted in the cabinet. It is the first choice for advanced equipment machine manufacturers and 12” to 21” screen sizes with resistive 5-wire touch options are coming soon.

Safety and robustness

Cincoze strives to provide better and higher quality products. We insist on the highest product quality and safety for all our products and have international certifications to prove it. Not only the compulsory certification, but Cincoze also applies for UL safety certification in the United States and Canada (including UL components and listings). The entire series has a backlight life of 50,000 hours, wide temperature design (-20°C to 70°C), a waterproof and dustproof IP65-rated front panel, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection, demonstrating its rugged and strong characteristics in harsh industrial environments.

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