Enhancing Efficiency and Scalability in Industrial Control Panel Manufacturing

January 17, 2024

Efficiency on a large scale is paramount for integrators navigating multiple sectors, as maintaining operational efficiency across complex landscapes becomes synonymous with sustaining competitiveness. For a national integrator, the need to scale operations is imperative to continue growth and meet the multifaceted demands of diverse projects.

A national integrator in the oil and gas, material handling, and logistics sector approached Rittal to address challenges hindering their scaling and business management. However, with Rittal’s comprehensive solutions and expertise, the customer was able to overcome complex engineering and manufacturing issues.

The Challenge

The integrator faced difficulties scaling and managing a diverse range of projects across multiple verticals. They needed a data-driven approach to efficiently produce original equipment manufacturer (OEM) panels, as well as a smart solution that could adapt to their growing business complexities. In order to keep up with industry demands across varying projects, a traditional approach to engineering and sourcing would not be enough, and a more integrated approach with a comprehensive data resource was necessary.

Why Rittal?

Rittal, serving as a one-stop-shop for engineering through production, stood out among competitors. The integrator chose Rittal for its ability to provide a complete, connected ecosystem—a rarity in the industry. By utilizing both the data driven Eplan software and the manufacturing prowess of Rittal, the customer had a winning formula that could sustain growth with high efficiency for years while serving multiple verticals. With both Rittal and Eplan solutions, the customer could conveniently digitally engineer the right solutions for their customers, easily source materials, quickly manufacture and modify solutions, and maintain operations for growth. The central value chain team’s deep expertise and understanding of manufacturers’ challenges further solidified Rittal as the preferred partner.

The Rittal Solution

The project began with a dual-focus approach. Rittal introduced its panel modification machine for immediate efficiency gains and initiated software training and implementation. The combined solutions of Eplan engineering software with Rittal products and modification would advance the customer’s automation journey with an end goal of process wiring to reduce labor by over 80%. Active involvement in the engineering phase aimed to enhance both the customer’s production speed and solution quality.

Perforex Milling Machine

The Results

The integrator experienced tangible benefits from Rittal’s connected ecosystem. The panel modification machine provided day-one efficiency gains, while software training and implementation contributed to the customer’s automation success. Reductions in engineering time and improved quality positively impacted the manufacturing process to align seamlessly with the integrator’s goals for scalability and efficiency. Rittal remained actively involved in the customer’s engineering process to ensure optimal results in manufacturing.

Overall, the customer gained several advantages, including:

  • A streamlined engineering approach for scaling.
  • Implementation of Rittal’s panel modification machine.
  • Software training to accelerate the automation journey.
  • A reduction in engineering time.
  • Improved engineering quality.
  • Competitive and optimized automation processes.
  • Ongoing support from consultation to project management and completion.


Rittal’s unique approach, focusing on the customer’s value chain, proved instrumental in bridging operational gaps and driving productivity. The customer transitioned into a new realm of possibilities thanks to the combined power of Rittal’s solutions and Eplan’s data integrated engineering software. The support Rittal provided extended beyond transactional business to fulfill a continuous journey of automation, optimization, and competitive success in oil and gas, material handling, and logistics.



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