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Rittal: New WT C Wire Terminal Allows 10x Faster Wire Processing

Rittal’s Wire Terminal WT C5 and C10 innovations allow wire processing at speeds ten times faster than by hand.

March 17, 2023

Rittal North America has recently introduced a fully automated wire processing machine – Wire Terminal WT C machine.

It enables wires to be processed from bulk with individual wire printing (black, white, and light blue) and then ready for assembly. The core advantages of the new Wire Terminal WT C are: variety of combinations, different wire output methods, and support for downstream, digitally and automated processes such as labelling, sorting, and transport. 

The individually adaptable and expandable modular system structure of the WT C, in terms of both hardware and software, enables panel builders and control manufacturers to meet future requirements. Moreover, the payback period is only 2.5 years for 300 enclosures per year.

Wiring in panel building and control manufacturing is time-consuming – taking up about 50 percent of the processing time. To compete in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, users need to speed up their assembly and wire processes while cutting costs and maintaining the same high quality – along with process streamlining and future flexibility in mind. The Wire Terminal WT C solves these challenges by offering flexible configuration, quick-change system for wires, process reliability, three wire output methods, and a digitally supported process.

The Wire Terminal WT C is available in two different versions and flexible configuration stages. As an entry-level wire processing solution, Rittal offers the WT C5 variant with five vibratory bowl feeders for wire-end ferrules and a wire-end treatment feature for wires with cross-sections ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 mm². The product also cuts to length, labels, and crimps. The WT C10 variant has ten vibratory bowl feeders for wire-end ferrules with wire cross-sections of up to 6 mm². Both variants allow further expansion to full functionality in the respective wire application.

With up to ten vibratory bowl feeders for a safer process to input loose wire end ferrules and easy refill process, the WT C10 offers maximum flexibility and less set-up effort for the wire end treatment. The new crimper allows processing of wire end ferrule lengths ranging from 8 to 18 mm. You can choose between stepless partial and full stripping up to 20 mm when stripping the wires. This new crimper, which uses servomotor technology, ensures continuous high quality.

The fully automated machine is easily operated using a 24″ display and offers many improvements and innovations, such as when feeding and outputting the wires. Safe wire feeding and a simple, fast changeover to other wires are achieved via a new type of wire feeding system featuring three feed blocks for as many as 36 wires and with 12 wire types per feed block. The quick-change system allows the feed blocks to be set up and changed flexibly. An RFID transponder automatically secures the wire feed which makes it easy to change complete wire magazines.

Depending on the requirements, the wires can be dispensed in a machine in three different ways: through ejection, by a rail system, or via a chain bundler. The patented rail system can hold up to 2,100 wires. Wire sorting is unnecessary, as the pre-assembled wires are produced in wire rails as standard, depending on the order. This enables the lined-up wires to be processed quickly and efficiently, which, in conjunction with the Wire Cart trolley, is ideal for improved order picking at the workplace.

Chain bundles can also be produced to make the wiring process even more efficient as wires are arranged sequentially in the order chosen. This also allows companies to be flexible service providers as the Wire Terminal three flexible output options can be implemented. Combined with the “EPLAN Smart Wiring” software app, this results in increased value with the additional process step of enclosure wiring.

Rittal also supports downstream processes with consistent data that enables more efficient production. The new software architecture ensures seamless integration into the RiPanel Processing Center job management software’s data workflow. Consequently, production becomes an even stronger part of the entire digitally supported process chain – centrally planned and controlled with data directly from the Eplan and Rittal engineering and manufacturing ecosystem.


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