EPLAN Data Portal Update October 2021

October 21, 2021

Since October 15th, in addition to updated data we are very pleased to announce the following new partners:

New manufacturer catalogs

  •    –   Block Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH (NFPA Data) – 345 new data sets with transformators
  •    –   Reftronix Ltd. – 1 new data set with PLC

New and update data sets

  •    –   ABB Stotz Kontakt GmbH – 280 new and 9 updated data sets with relays, contactors, measuring instruments, test devices, Housings, General, Busbars, LED blocks, pushbutton, continuous current supplies, selector switches
  •    –   AFAG GmbH – 45 new and 4 updated data sets with cables, amplifiers, controllers, electrical engineering – special items, converters and motors
  •    –   Bosch Rexroth AG – 7 new data sets with converters, pressure transducers, sensors, switches and pushbuttons
  •    –   Danfoss Drives A/S – 56 new sata sets with converters
  •    –   Eaton Industries GmbH – 119 new and 32 updated data sets with field distribution devices, protection devices, connection splicer / line connectors, signal devices, mounting panels, relays, contactors, power switchgears, PLC, sensors, switches and pushbuttons
  •    –   nVent ERIFLEX – 111 new data sets with cables
  •    –   ETI Elektroelement d.o.o. – 278 new and 553 updated data sets with relays and contactors
  •    –   Eltako GmbH – 1 new and 141 updated data sets with voltage source and generators, relays, contactors, modulators, electrical engineering – special items, measuring instruments, test devices, logic items, transmission paths
  •    –   Festo SE & Co. KG – 37878 updated data sets with amplifiers, controllers, cables, electrical engineering – special items, electrically-operated mechanical devices, inductors, measuring instruments, test devices, miscellaneous, motors, PLC, plugs, resistors, sensors, switches and pushbuttons; voltage source and generators, accessories, actuators, connection splicers / line connectors, connections, filters, fluid control terminals, fluid power – special items, signal devices, sub-plates, valves, enclosures
  •    –   ifm electronic gmbh – 14 new and 3 updated data sets with PLC, sensors, switches and pushbuttons
  •    –   IMI Precision Engineering plc -371 new and 95 updated data sets with valves, pressure switches, precision pressure regulators
  •    –   JETTER AG – 16 new and 21 updated data sets with PLC, amplifiers and controllers
  •    –   KEYENCE CORPORATION – 55 updated data sets with generals
  •    –   Kuhse Power Solutions GmbH – 10 updated data sets with electrical engineering – special items
  •    –   MISUMI Corporation VONA – 1 new and 85 updated data sets with cables, generals, lights, plugs, housings, sensors, switches and pushbuttons
  •    –   Murrelektronik GmbH – 3 updated data sets with logic items
  •    –   Omron Europe B.V. – 21 new and 1 updated data set with safety door switches
  •    –   Pilz GmbH & Co. KG – 47 new and 8 updated data sets with connection splicers / line connectors, cables, PLC, cables and plugs
  •    –   Rittal GmbH & Co. KG – 275 updated data sets with lock systems, network/server racks VX IT and accessories
  •    –   Saginaw Control & Engineering – 74 updated data sets with electrical engineering – special items
  •    –   Schneider Electric SA – 1 new and 1 updated data set with PLC
  •    –   SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co. KG – 70 new and 77 updated data sets with rectifiers, converters, generals and inductors
  •    –   Schaffner EMV AG – 235 new and 557 updated data sets with terminators and filters
  •    –   TDK-Lambda Corporation – 8 updated data sets with corrections of width, height and depth
  •    –   WAGO GmbH & Co. KG – 8 new and 201 updated data sets with the change of the company name, terminals, PLC, measuring instruments, test devices, user-defined rails
  •    –   Weidmueller Group – 337 new and 3 updated data sets with terminals, PLC, surge voltage arresters and signal converters
  •    –   YASKAWA Europe GmbH – 25 new data sets with converters


  •    –   2 new manufacturer
  •    –   27 updated manufacturer
  •    –   3,090 new data sets
  •    –   40,094 updated data sets
  •    –   132 deleted data set
  •    –   2,210 new parts with EDS
  •    –   In total 375,640 parts with EDS




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