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ROLEC: How To Mount HMI, Panel And Command Enclosures


July 27, 2021


You’re kitting out a new Smart Factory – or expanding your existing facility with the latest technology. Either way, it’s going to involve installing a lot of HMI screens, panel PCs or machine control units in a challenging industrial environment.

So you’re going to need some very versatile solutions when it comes to the screens and how to mount them. Everything needs to work together – not just operationally and cost-effectively, but also visually because design language and aesthetics matter in ultra-modern 21st century factories. Gone are the grim days of grimy factory floors.

The screen and mounting solutions you specify must be scalable and adaptable because the pace of technological change is accelerating rapidly. The manufacturing companies which will succeed best at Industry 4.0 are those that are most agile and flexible – the innovators that are in a constant state of optimization, based on the wealth of data they now wield.

They need customized turnkey solutions comprising HMI/panel enclosures, suspension arms, brackets and other mounting options. All from one supplier that provides full accountability for project deliverables…and offers smoother, smarter procurement with less administration.



Screen mounting solutions don’t have to be complicated. One of the simplest and most versatile is ROLEC’s new static/mobile base (part no. 142.030.150). This robust new freestanding base is designed for light-to-medium loads. Optional heavy-duty castors (kit part no. 501.142.000) . Unladen, it weighs 57 lbs (26 kg).

With a maximum static load capacity of 110 lbs (50 kg), this GOST-certified base is extremely robust. The feet are adjustable and the castors have footswitches that lock the wheels for safety. Simply add an upright and bolt your screen in position. The 1.00″ x 1.57″ central aperture for the upright allows plenty of space for HDMI, DVI and network cables. There is also a removable cable gland plate on one side for cable entry. Specify the new base in black (RAL 9005) as standard or in custom colors.

But if you’re not worried about mobility, there’s an even more cost-effective option for mounting your screens and panels…



A pair of pivoting wall brackets is all it takes to secure a multiPANEL enclosure to a wall, pillar, machine or any other solid structure. With a load capacity of 20 kg and a rotational range of 138°, these aluminum pivot brackets enable heavy screens to be rotated to the optimum angle for viewing and operation. They’re long enough to fit all depths of ROLEC’s multiPANEL enclosures – right up to 2.36″ deep – and still allow screen movement about a vertical axis.

A second set of pivoting wall brackets is also available for ROLEC’s profiPANEL enclosures. They’re an option for the 3.54″ and 5.90″ deep panels within the range (which goes from 2.36″ to 11.81″ deep).

Both sets of pivot brackets are manufactured from aluminum and are powder coated – black (RAL 9005) for the multiPANEL connectors, light gray (RAL 7035) for the profiPANEL version. Custom colors are available on request.

Both sets of brackets – and the new mobile base – are part of the profiPLUS 50 modular suspension arm system. If you’re specifying multiPANEL or profiPANEL enclosures then ROLEC recommends profiPLUS 50 or the larger profiPLUS 70 as the most suitable suspension arm system (though they do offer other choices too – such as ROLEC’s new taraSMART arms for light-to-medium loads).



Advanced, ergonomic, elegant: profiPLUS 50 suspension arms offer you all this in a huge range of standard options. The system is modular to you can configure the exact arm you need quickly and easily (thanks to the basket ordering system on ROLEC’s website). And the arms can be assembled very swiftly too because they have ROLEC’s patented one-screw adjustment system.

The arms can be mounted on walls, ceilings or floors. Stable and ergonomic ball-shaped joints make it easy to adjust screens to the optimum angle for viewing and operation. Cable protectors are integrated into all the rotating elements of each arm. And there are special mounting adaptors for connecting displays by leading manufacturers such as Siemens, B&R and Beckhoff – so you need only one arm system to handle a wide range of displays within your facility. All your arms will be compatible and they will all match.

Specify your perfect suspension arm(s) based on:

  •    –   12 different bases or joints for floor, wall or ceiling mounting
  •    –   five lengths of extruded aluminum support profiles (9.84″ to 59″)
  •    –   16 adaptors
  •    –   52 couplings/elbows.

Load capacity for profiPLUS 50 arms depends on how you configure the various components. Normally, profiPLUS 50 can handle light-to-medium payloads up to 80 kg. But that drops by 25% if you’re adding a base or by 40% for an intermediate joint. Profile length also affects load capacity…


ROLEC’s profiPLUS 70 arms can handle bigger and heavier loads than profiPLUS 50 – and their support profiles offer greater capacity so you can feed more cables through them. The load-bearing capacity for profiPLUS 70 is 120 kg – 40 kg more than for profiPLUS 50 – but the same caveats apply with regard to bases (-25%), intermediate joints (-40%) and profile lengths.

Configure your profiPLUS 70 arms based on:

  •    –   six joints/bases for floor, wall or ceiling mounting
  •    –   five standard profile lengths (9.84″ to 59″)
  •    –   five adaptors – including one that adapts profiPLUS 70 to profiPLUS 50
  •    –   31 couplings and elbows.

bl2107-profiplus-suspension-arms-f-niot_newsimageovertext.jpgCUSTOMIZED SUSPENSION ARMS AND WALL CONNECTORS

ROLEC’s modular suspension arm systems are – by their very nature – custom configurable. You can build the arms you need based on standard components that are easy to order.

But they’re even more customizable than that. You can specify profiles in custom lengths. Or you could choose custom colors in preference to the standard light gray (RAL 7035) for the diecast aluminum couplings and elbows. Standard black (RAL 9005) metal components are available in custom colors too. Other customization services include CNC machining, engraving, laser processing and assembly.




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